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Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Trainer, Coach Jim Johnson

Importance of Giving

How do you give back to others?

Giving back is something that not only can help your professional career, but improve your mental state as well. I try to make a habit to giving back to others on a consistent basis.  The more I learn about my favorite causes to give to (ex: Autism Up –, the more I feel compelled to help out.  Here are some tips to consider when giving back to others and considering its importance.  Enjoy.

  • Find a cause. There are many different causes out there that you can get behind and support. Pick something that has personal meaning to you and learn about it. You can give other things than money as well (time, effort, resources, etc.). Helping to raise money for the cause is great, but there are many other ways you can give back. What is your cause that you feel strongly about?
  • Give for the right reasons. Many people give while expecting something in return. This creates a sense of anxiety that may affect your ability to give. Do not expect the spotlight in any way. You must learn to give for the sole benefit to others. It is then, and only then, that you will establish a true sense of accomplishment from giving to others. What is the main reason why you give back to others?
  • Limit expectations. It’s also important to let your actions unfold as they may. Having expectations of how things should happen only set you up for disappointment. It’s crucial that you open your mind up to helping others and not expecting anything in return.

I am very proud of my team as we beat the second-ranked team in the state over the weekend, improving our record to 17-1. With the next few weeks being crucial to our season, I am stressing the importance of teamwork.  Check back in next week for a Super Bowl edition of #CJJblog.  Until then, how are you giving back to others?

Life Tip #27:  Go the extra mile consistently.  There are no traffic jams on the extra mile.

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