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Leading Through the Art of Questioning

As a leader, are you asking enough questions?

My son, Tyler, was in town last week and as any parent would, I asked him some questions to get up to speed on his life out in California.  How is your job going?  Do you like your apartment?  Are you exercising?  This got me thinking…  As leaders, are we asking enough questions?  In this week’s #CJJblog I give you some tips on how to be a leader through the art of questioning.  Enjoy.

  • Manage on the move. As a leader and a manager of people, it is very important to be visible as much as possible.  Walk around and ask your team questions as opposed to managing through email or texting.  Saying you are there for them is not nearly as powerful as physically being in front of them for support.
  • Start meetings with questions. Have a wrap-around topic/question for everyone to answer before you start your next meeting.  This will not only get people engaged for your discussion, but will show them you encourage interaction from everyone as well.
  • Discover their goals. Ask and find out what each member of your team hopes to achieve in the short and long term.  Present possible solutions for them and be a resource as they continue on their journey toward achieving those goals..
  • Examples of leadership questions: What can I do to support you?  How can we improve the team chemistry?  What do you hope to achieve this week?

Did You Know?  Coach is speaking at the National Speakers Bureau annual convention in Fargo, ND next week on September 14th.

Life Tip #19:  Constantly improve your communication skills

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