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Tips to Become Successful (part 3)

How are you becoming successful? When you think about becoming successful, what thoughts go through your head? More importantly, what are you doing to get to the level of success you crave?  This week in my #CJJblog I go over the final 11 tips on how to become successful.  As you look through these tips, …

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Leadership Series

How are you becoming a better leader? Becoming a better leader requires an abnormal amount of effort. Consistent, relentless effort is what it takes to become an outstanding leader.  This week in my #CJJblog leadership series, we continue to talk about how to become a better leader and how we can improve every day.  Below …

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3 Things Successful People Do

How successful are you? I recently completed a wonderful book written by John C. Maxwell, entitled 3 Things Successful People Do.  While there was some fantastic information inside, it got me thinking about myself and my life.  Am I doing things that are on par with what the truly successful people do?  Am I living …

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The Importance of Doing the Right Thing

Are you consistently doing the right thing? Whether we are brushing our teeth before bed, or on stage in front of thousands of people, we must always live our lives like we are in the spotlight.  Our teams look up to us (as leaders) in search of guidance and direction in their journey toward success.  …

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